You Have Questions We Have Answers

Where is the truck driven?

You as the advertiser can provide your own driving route and instructions, or we can research and create a custom route based on your target audience. One that includes high traffic streets, shopping centers, and parking at busy intersections. 

What are truck features and capabilities?

The truck can display graphics, images, text, play videos and movies, live stream your favorite tv shows or sporting event, and even play video games! Mario Karts anyone? Canʼt forget about the dj microphone and speakers to bring all this to life.

What are LED billboards trucks used for?

Marketing Campaigns, New Product Rollouts, Grand Openings, Conventions and Trade Shows, Recruitment, Political Message, Brand Awareness, Sporting Events, Nightlife, Seasonal Promo, Parades, Concerts, Public Service, Tailgates, Movies and Theatre, Gaming Tournaments, Wedding Proposals and Receptions, Kids Parties, and much more!

How affordable is mobile billboard advertising?

LED mobile billboard trucks are the most cost effective medium of advertising. The
CPM is lower than TV, Radio, Print and in many cases Social Media Advertising ($2.50 Mobile LED Billboard Truckʼs, $4.17 Traditional/ Stationary Billboards, $6.12
Radio, $18.40 Television). 

How many hours a day is the truck on the road?

A normal advertising day is 8 consecutive hours.

How do I know the truck is out advertising?

The truck is equipped with a GPS tracking system, and we offer you access to this.

How many people will see my ad?

That can vary depending on certain factors (target area, time, particular event) but we estimate 30,000 people on the low end and 90,000 people on the high end, with a 97% recall rate. 

Can the truck screens been seen in the daytime?

Yes. The digital LED screens are as bright if not brighter than most roadside digital billboards.

What is CPM?

CPM = Cost Per 1,000 Impressions

Why do so many people remember mobile billboards ads?

This comes down to pure execution and curiosity. Mobile billboards are noticed because they can reach a wide variety of neighborhoods and get in front of consumers. The billboard is interacting with consumers during their daily routine instead of waiting for them to stumble upon a stationary or web ad. By simply intersecting in their typical routines, they canʼt help but notice the billboard. It peaks their curiosity because they arenʼt as used to ads rolling a few feet in front of their face.

Who designs my ad?

You can choose to provide your own artwork, or we can create it for you.

What are the advertising dimensions and specifications?

Side Screens: 6.5′ (h) X 13′ (w) Pixels: 960 x 1920 Rear Screen: 6.5′ (h) x 6.5′ (w) Pixels: 960 x 960 Digital Specifications: Format Image: JPEG – PNG Format Video: MP4-LIVE FEED
Notes: Please use NO MORE than 40% of design in the color WHITE. Also, to have the best results, please do not design in DARK COLORS. For ideal
exposure, use bright colors.

Can you display different images on all three screens?

Yes we can. Our switching systems allows us to match all three screens or play  different content (i.e. video and images) on different screens depending on your needs and requirements.

Did You Know?
Mobile LED billboard truck ads have a significantly higher recall than traditional standing billboards, ads on top of taxis, and ads on side of buses.